Thigh Highs for Thick Thighs

Thigh Highs for Thick Thighs

Have you ever looked at a pair of sexy thigh highs and thought, “Oh, I can’t wear those” or, “Those would never fit me.” If you think thigh highs are only for skinny women, think again. With new fabric technology and better sizing options, thigh highs are made for every size -even thick thighs. 

Hosiery has come a long way for women since its inception in the early 1900s. Thigh high stockings began as the original design of women’s hosiery. By the 1920s women’s hosiery was worn more like knee high socks with garter belts. Naturally, as hemlines raised, so did length of the hosiery to thigh high length (and an ultra-sexy status).


Thigh highs for thick thighs


Thigh highs with belts changed completely in 1967, when the British company "Pretty Polly" first used the term "hold-ups" on their self-supporting stockings. Before the 1967 thigh high revolution, women were (literally) stuck in uncomfortable pantyhose. This invention, along with the development of Lycra®, freed women from pantyhose and created options for women of all sizes to wear hosiery --comfortably.


How Do You Wear Thigh Highs with Big Thighs? 

For many women with big thighs, finding thigh highs that actually fit (and stay up) can be a challenge. Since the advent of hosiery, sizing has always been disappointing. When it comes to wearing thigh highs, everyone distributes their weight differently, so there’s definitely no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.


“I love Kixies! They are my go-to for stay up stockings as they work with OR withouth garters!  No sausage legs here, or stockings that slowly creep down through the day.  They have SO many cute styles (my favorite is the Ruby) for every occasion, and a range of sizes to ensure EVERYbody feels their best!!! “- Ruby Roxx @rubyroxxmodel


For women with voluptuous thighs, the answer of how to wear thigh highs is simple: Find a pair that you love and wear what feels most comfortable for you. Exactly where a pair of thigh highs falls on your leg will depend on your height and inseam. Make sure you check your measurements against the size chart for the best fit. Measure by height first and thigh circumference second. Weight can be arbitrary when sizing for a thigh-high. 

Keep in mind, a lot of thigh high devotees wear theirs differently. Some ladies prefer to wear them closer to the knee, or mid-thigh, while others prefer to wear them up high (just below the derrière). 

Some women say that once you wear thigh highs, you won't want to go back to regular pantyhose.  Like, ever. Women love how sexy they feel in thigh highs, and how comfortable and functional the right thigh high can be. And because thigh highs do not have tight or restrictive material around the hips, they are cooling, in all the right places! 

Kixies thigh highs, plus size

How Do I Keep my Thigh Highs from Rolling?

Most thigh highs on the market today are made with grips to prevent them from falling down or rolling. If your thigh high won’t stay up, it’s most likely due to wrong sizing, or substandard grip material used. Silicone grips such as those on Kix’ies 3-band no-slip-grip work best, as opposed to rubber, which can quickly stretch out and lose shape and elasticity with use. For women with thick thighs, or anyone who wants their thigh highs to stay up, rubber and glue won’t do! 

Aleksandra Rose (@aleksandrarose) says, “I love Kix'ies! They are solidly made and most important they have a size for every thigh. The silicone bands keep the thigh highs in place without any slipping.” 

"I gotta say these Kix'ies are amazing! I am 5'10 and they came up past my knee (which is always a problem finding thigh highs long enough) and they stay up and didn't cut into my thigh or roll down." - Heather Coal @heathercoal

Now, more than ever, tights are the fall and winter must-have accessory. Best of all, anyone can wear them. Thigh high stockings are a preferred choice for women who don’t want to wear full length pantyhose. They are perfect for layering under dresses, skirts or even jeans. Solid black thigh-highs are worth their weight in gold during the winter months!