Spice up your Fall Wardrobe with Thigh-Highs

Spice up your Fall Wardrobe with Thigh-Highs

How to Layer for Fall with Kix'ies Thigh-Highs

There’s nothing that says Fall quite like shopping for new hosiery. In fact, layering outfits with stylish tights and thigh-highs is probably one of the best reasons to love Fall. But layering doesn’t mean covering everything up and wrapping yourself like a burrito. If you’re scoping out stylish, fun, and sexy ways to show off your beautiful legs this fall, then we’ve got solutions. Kix’ies thigh highs!

Rachel Hollon @FacesbyRachie

We’ve highlighted a few trends and street styles, focusing on how to style a pair of Kix’ies to create amazing Fall outfits. From solid black styles to patterns, you can’t go wrong!

If you aren’t sure where to start, try Kix’ies Danielle ‘Back in Black’; a best-seller that is incredibly versatile and chic.

Enter: The best Kix'ies Fall outfit ideas and the many ways you can work them into your everyday wardrobe.

Layer Kix'ies Fishnet with Jeans 

Layer Kix'ies with jeans, ripped or not! Peek-a-boo fishnet underneath a pair of jeans is a great way to layer Kix'ies and add a dash of style. No worrying about Kix'ies falling down underneath those jeans, either. Kix'ies is known as a thigh-high that 'actually stays up'.

Kixies bodystockings

Pictured above: Kix'ies white fishnet bodystocking underneath a cool pair of ripped or cropped jeans.

Thigh Highs with Dresses and Skirts

Kix'ies thigh highs are a flirty layering essential with dresses and skirts. Try a pair in solid black or sheer black as shown below.

Kristi, "Nerdette"

Kristi, @NerdetteCulture

@Saucye West


Mix it up with fun prints, dots, or a classic vintage style with a seam!


Kick your outfit up a notch with argyle or lace thigh highs this fall. For those who like tights but want something more versatile, Kix'ies thigh highs are a lot more comfortable. Add polka dot and patterns to your fall wardrobe to add texture and dimension.

Kix'ies Argyle Thigh Highs

Not just for the bedroom, Kix'ies are being worn with everyday outfits. From argyle prints to herringbone, thigh-high stockings look amazing and add a special touch to skirts and dresses. 

Vivion Welt

@Vivivonwelt in Kix'ies

@kiermellour in Kix'ies

How do you wear Kix'ies in the Fall? Show us your styled outfits with Kix'ies and tag us!