5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support for Pride, and Year-Round

5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support for Pride, and Year-Round

June is not only the celebration for Pride Month, but it’s also an opportunity to highlight the LGBTQ community's history and the efforts that have been made by the LGBTQ community to bring awareness and support. Read: Why we Celebrate Pride

Celebration and support are what it's all about - in June and beyond! It can be difficult to determine which companies are owned by members of the LGBTQ community or provide ongoing support. With websites such as NGLCC, you can find local and nationwide companies who are LGBTQ owned, or LGBTQ-friendly.

It is essential to be aware of the ways in which businesses actively support the LGBTQ community before the month of June rolls around if you plan on celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month or honoring those who have made Pride Month possible. In the spirit of giving and supporting, we have tracked down some pretty awesome companies who make gift-giving easy!

5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support for Pride, and Year-Round

The following companies are all LGBTQ-owned, or corporations that are making active efforts to promote LGBTQ:


Earth Halo Skin Care


Founded by Aaryan Ramzan who experienced a harsh reaction to his hormonal therapy during his transition, Earth & Halo was created. He couldn't find any product that worked for his skin, so he decided to create his own. He knew he wanted to create a skincare product using only organic ingredients.

5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support


Aaryan made himself the goal to create a unique formula that was equally effective for all genders, all colors, and all skin types. After consulting countless dermatologists and microbiologists, Blue Crystalline was born. The focus of his skincare line is not just skincare, but overall wellness including environmental consciousness. Aaryan understands the diverse need for skin, hair and beauty products and strives to aid all in their journey becoming themselves.




Custom and curated luxury gifts from an LGBTQ point of view! Friends for the better part of 20 years, David & Allan first met working together as young mallrats and would embark on separate, but parallel professional paths. During the pandemic, David & Allan found themselves in lockdown.

Wondering how they could celebrate from a distance, they began their endeavor to hunt down and send gifts during birthdays, holidays, and, most importantly, during their beloved Pride Month. David & Allan had found a new mission to embark on together and Fruitloots was born.

 5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support

Fruitloots is a fresh voice in the world of modern gifting, providing a whimsical, elevated, unapologetic twist on the curated gift box - inspired by art, humor and their own beloved LGBTQ2+ community.


Balmori Balmori Home Fragrance


For more than ten years Otis worked as an executive within beauty, fragrance, and home décor.  Tim has been a creative consultant traveling around the world inspiring others through art and culture. 

 5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support

“What we love most about our work is hearing the many inspiring stories, witnessing candid reactions from one fragrance note to the next, how fragrances can captivate memories, inspire, and restore one’s imagination. Our scents create a perfect balance to any space. Each candle has a story.”


HOMOCO https://homoco.co/

HOMOCO is a queer swim brand that draws on the legacy of founder/designer Daniel DuGoff’s family’s Washington, DC–area gas stations, Homes Oil Company that went by the nickname "HOMOCO."

 5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support

HOMOCO now makes printed swim trunks out of recycled plastic and camp shirts from sustainably harvested Tencel. The company donates a portion of sales to organizations that champion queer rights. “We are proud of our name – a name the gas stations used from its founding in the 1930s. HOMOCO may sound pretty gay, but we're open and accepting of everyone who loves the sun.”


Sippin Snax


Sippin Snax is a certified LGBT business located in North Carolina. Sippin Snax Gourmet Bar Snacks are the perfect artisanal wine or beer pairings based on the authentic flavors of the beer, wine and cocktails you love SIPPIN' on.

 5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support


Other Ways You Can Support LGBTQ+ Business Community

The increased attention during the month of June may not necessarily translate into increased revenue for some LGBTQ-owned businesses. Pride Month has been taken over by large mainstream retailers who produce pride-themed collections. While this may bring visibility to the LGBTQ community, it does not always provide more sales for small LGBTQ-owned businesses. Because these businesses operate daily, they serve the LGBTQ+ community throughout the entire year -regardless of whether Pride is taking place.

 5 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Support

Assistance for the LGBTQ community through ongoing patronage, as well as training, contracting, and networking with organizations that provide support with counseling and mentoring is the primary focus of the Small Business Administration's (SBA) program for LGBTQ-owned businesses.

This includes becoming a member of the local NGLCC affiliate chambers, which are organizations that have a strategic alliance with the LGBTQ business community and include (but are not limited to) the following: 



According to the NGLCC, local membership to these chambers can help promote and grow LGBTQ businesses by forming a strong local network, complete with active directories to make it easier to find certified LGBTQ owned businesses.