For the Prego Moms-to-be!


As exciting, and at times agonizing, maternity can be, why make the Mommy-to-be feel even worse by stuffing her into a pair of binding, uncomfortable tights!?  Even without being pregnant, tights are restricting and don’t allow our “female” parts to breathe. Imagine how that tiny little baby must feel with the full waisted tights sucking in at your belly!

​I remember when I was pregnant with both of my children I wanted to wear tights but the thought of even trying to stuff myself into them was such a turn off!  Not to mention the thought of what it might be doing to the little darling growing inside of me!

​Don’t bind your baby bump! That’s Kix’ies® motto!  With Kix’ies® Thigh Highs you can now enjoy fashionable and fun patterns, with the freedom your growing belly needs during your pregnancy. The silicone band keeps the thigh highs in place for all day wear!  Who says being pregnant will limit your fashionable wardrobe!  Now kick those unflattering, binding tights to the curb and fall in love with Kix’ies® Thigh Highs!

Best of luck to all the Mommies-to-be!
Enjoy every second, they grow up so fast!

Samantha DeMartini
Founder and Creator of Kix’ies® Thigh Highs