What Do Men Actually Think of Lingerie?

What Do Men Actually Think of Lingerie?

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! Do you ever wonder what men really think of lingerie? Do they see it as something sexy and alluring, or is it just another piece of clothing to them? Well, wonder no more!  

Lingerie in 2022: Yay or Nay?

We researched responses from dozens of men across the globe, and gathered their responses to lingerie. In most of the responses, we discovered lingerie isn’t always about the visual appeal as much as it is about unspoken queues, body language and emotional response of desire. Here’s what they had to say:

Basically, there are three types, classy, trashy, and everyday wear, the latter is self-explanatory. For Valentine’s Day, perhaps romantic and sensual dictates the mood with a nice lacy bra, matching panties plus garters and stockings; you provide the red wine, roses, and chocolates; for your crazy and seductive nights, a crotch-less fishnet body suit and some good whiskey or tequila shots; and for something in between, a little sultry, sexy teddy, the kind with snaps between the thighs and don’t forget the champagne and succulent strawberries. Various types of lingerie creates the mood, such as romantic, sensual, crazy, seductive, sultry and sexy. That mood works two ways, the mood your woman is feeling and the mood she wants her man to experience. But it also takes more than the lingerie on display, it also takes a woman’s very own charisma, charm, and personality along with the ambience of the scene—it’s not just the lingerie.  -Rolando (Texas, United States)

Most men like lingerie as they tend to make the woman more feminine. I like the feel of lingerie on the skin, specially the soft, sheer stockings, soft silky panties and lace panties and other underwear. Same is true for fishnet/mesh stockings and panties. Bras usually make the bust appear more fuller and shapely which surely is attractive. - Mike  (UK) 

I'm a minimalist. Thongs or panties that show her best lines, thigh highs, sexy matching top. I dig high-end lingerie. Hair and makeup done perfectly. -Leo, (NYC, United States) 

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A woman in a man's borrowed white long sleeve dress shirt, and nothing else. Also men are pretty much wired to snag on the complex curves of the female body. Naked works. To pick lines from a movie: "You know how a woman gets a man excited? She shows up. That's it. We're guys, we're easy.” - Preston (California, United States)

Full confidence. And any lingerie with stockings and an added black choker are always a pleaser. Teddies, Body suits, Baby dolls, Corsets, anything with straps/Garters. Most prefer it off you, if I'm honest. -Jay, (Germany)

Nothing is as sexy as desire and with full on intent a Woman dressed in a teddy, or a baby doll nightgown etc. is clearly telling you that she has thought about sex with you, that she is planning on having sex with you and that her desire to do so is plainly evident. Just in case you were WONDERING who is in charge here… let me put you under no misconception that SHE is in charge here. - Dan (United States)

Just as a combat suit is worn both to fight and to frighten, the lingerie is worn both to perpetrate a sexual act and to bring the opponent to its highest point of excitement. I have met a number of women who refused to wear lingerie other than cotton underwear, I have met several woman who were wearing suspenders just for fun (we’re French) but, most of the time, women that I have met who were wearing sophisticated lingerie were doing it just to make mad the simple-minded they considered as a possible partner. Of course, we old warriors of eroticism are not fooled and it is not this kind of love harness that will make us crack, but mainly the look of desire in the eyes of the women we love.  -Gerard (France)

Each culture has its own turn ons. For example, in Saudi Arabia even a glimpse of a toe or body part can be a turn on. So you get turned on by what you can't see on a daily basis. -Singhal (India)

I like skin and actively dislike lingerie. My only interest in it is getting it off as fast as possible. -Steve (united States)

I can’t speak for all men of course but for myself I really like it when we start taking our clothes off and I find out she’s wearing some sexy lingerie. It gets a little more ‘rise’ out of me so to speak. One, because I know she’s done it specially for me, two because it means she’s been planning to get intimate with me which is kind of hot to find out and three because it looks really good when a woman is wearing something like that. -Liam  (United Kingdom)

The conclusion to our research? Most men prefer a woman who is comfortable in her skin, who shows up fully (whether fully naked or fully decked out in lacy underwear). It’s more about mood, intention, and desire than anything else. Our advice: You do you, and wear whatever makes you sparkle and shine. Whatever you decide to wear, confidence is the sexiest piece of lingerie you can wear.