Trend Alert: Tie Dye Stockings

Trend Alert: Tie Dye Stockings

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While tie dye is one of the most ancient forms of dyeing and decorating cloth, its current incarnation is reminiscent of the style we first saw in the 60s and then in the 90s. In the 60s, it was kind of the unofficial peace and love dress code for the counterculture.

In the 90s, tie dye harkened back to the 60s as a new round of Dead Heads were born, and young Gen X’ers looked for new ways to stand out.  No matter what era, though, tie dye has just always been an expression of fun with a little bit of a rebellious spirit.


New Ways to Wear Tie Dye

Like all things in fashion, trends recirculate, sometimes stronger than the first time around. In the last year while we’ve all been hunkered down in quarantine, a whole new level of tie dye emerged: tie dye jogging sets, tie die suits, dresses, and now tie dye stockings.

The new tie dye thigh high collection from Kix’ies offers a new way to wear the trend, whether pairing it with dresses, skirts, shorts or layered under ripped jeans.