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Brides: Important Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Day Hosiery

important tips for choosing bridal stockings


Spring and Summer is the season for weddings! As a bride to be, you are bombarded with tasks, from cakes to catering, invitations, the bachelorette party, venues, the dress, and of course ‘what to wear underneath the dress?’ Choosing your wedding day hosiery is probably not on your priority list – but it should be.

Most brides spend an average of $1,600 on their gown, but let’s not forget the bridal undergarments that set the  stage for the star attraction (which is you, of course!), which is an average of about $150.

Giving careful thought and consideration to your bridal lingerie, stockings and foundation wear are key components to looking and feeling your best on your wedding day.

Wearing clothes that are comfortable and functional are going to be key to enjoying your day and dancing the night away. So, where to start? Most wardrobe stylists say start with the undergarments. After all, they are called foundation wear for a reason, right?

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Bridal Hosiery Tips

Hosiery has always been a necessary accessory for brides. Unless you're getting married on the beach, hosiery is a must on your wedding day. And the great advantage to wearing thigh highs is, they allow you to “breathe”, even in hot and humid climates.

Most weddings occur in the spring and summer months while it’s hot. Thigh highs will give you more comfort and, let’s face it, a lot easier to manage in the ladies room. If you don’t have to fuss with pulling down full-length stockings under multiple layers of fabric and tulle, you’ll be golden.

Thigh high stockings that stay up all day are great for functionality, comfort, easy access (Did we just say that??), looking put-together, and preventing thigh chafing.

Bare legs are gorgeous in a swimsuit or pair of shorts, but your pins should look polished in your wedding photos.

Pro Tip: Thigh highs will also be a lot more exciting when it's time to throw the garter!

Last but not least, wearing a pair of stockings should make your shoes a lot more comfortable -which is definitely non-negotiable for any bride!

What Type of Bridal Thigh High to Wear?

When deciding which hosiery color, pattern or tone to choose, pick a thigh high style that fits well with your dress, your shoes, and your skin tone. The silhouette and fabric of your dress will determine a lot about your stocking choice.

Heavy lace and textured bridal fabrics can mean more subtle legwear styles, while a simple satin dress allows you to express more style, texture and pizzaz!

For a form-fitting sheath with a leg split, high-low hem or mermaid silhouette, you'll do best to select a pair of hosiery that balances the shape of the dress without being too busy. Nude colored styles work great and look elegant.

If your dress is a drop waist style or ball gown, thigh highs can be worn in almost any color or texture; white, ivory, or nude. (Kix’ies thigh highs offers ‘barely there’ fishnets in wedding white and vintage style rear seam thigh highs).

When it comes to choosing neutral, nude hosiery, it’s a good rule of thumb to match your leg wear to your skin tone and not your dress.

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Bridal Thigh Highs for All Sizes 

Of course, your personal style should always shine on your wedding day. Why not choose a bridal thigh high that reflects your style and fits like a glove?

Kix’ies were designed to fit all sizes, from petite to plus size. What’s great about Kix’ies is you don’t need a garter belt. Kix’ies thigh highs have a triple, no-slip grip. In fact, Kix’ies is famous for staying up all day, and through some of the roughest challenges!

No matter what your personal style or your wedding day weather, Kix’ies thigh highs are stylish, comfortable and fun to wear.


Plan Ahead for Malfunctions

Final tip: plan ahead! A brides’ worst nightmare is getting a run in her hose. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this. First of all, invest in quality hosiery. Yes, it may cost a little more than the drug store selections, but this is your wedding day. You deserve the best!

A rule of thumb: Buy two extra pairs to have available. This is a trick of every wardrobe stylist and costume designer. (There are always back-ups for wardrobe malfunctions!)

Take extra caution while putting on your thigh highs. We have created this handy little TikTok video to show you careful way to put on thigh highs to avoid runs or accidentally making a hole.


How to Carefully Put on Thigh Highs



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Nothing is sexier than lingerie that fits perfectly. To help you achieve your ideal fit, Kix’ies offers thigh highs in a wide range of sizes, from petite to plus. Like all of our styles, our bridal thigh highs are designed with a triple no-slip grip to stay up all day! 

Shop our bridal selection and surprise your sweetheart with sexy thigh highs and lingerie for your wedding day, honeymoon and beyond.