How to Slay Festival Season in 2022

How to Slay Festival Season in 2022

It's festival season, and it's here to stay; fashionable crowds, star-studded performances, and all our favorite musical artists gathered in one happy place. Having spent two years under lockdown, everyone is ready kick up their heels, dust off their best walking boots and celebrate. 

One of the best parts of festival season is undoubtedly the clothes! So, what is everyone wearing this year? We've tracked down the lowdown on some of the trends hitting the fields so you can be ready.

What to Wear to the Festival

Don't worry if you've never been to a music festival before or if your festival styling skills are a little rusty. Getting dressed up is a big part of the festival experience, and you don't have to follow the most recent fashion trends to look the part. It's important to remember that your style and comfort preferences should always come first. The best festival clothing makes you feel good about yourself and doesn't hinder your enjoyment of the event.

Whether you’re going to Coachella, Stagecoach the Glastonbury Festival or Lollapalooza, here are a few festival looks we’ve put together to inspire your own fashion ideas.

festival style

According to style experts, bohemian panache was the wardrobe staple of the Coachella music festival, but this year hemlines are expected to get shorter while waistlines go lower. Low rise styles of the early aughts is upon us!

festival style Kixies

Fringe, matching tops and bottoms, and swimsuit tops are also a go-to, while vibrant colors are expected to take center stage.

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Experiment with sheers, lace, and accessories, too! Pictured here are Kix’ies tie-dye styles and sheer white fishnets.

festival style, roller skates, Kixies

Bike shorts, flared leggings, baby tees, mixing textures, and swimwear tops are all must-haves.

“Festival season will see "an avalanche" of risqué dresses, barely-there tops, and sheer clothing” says celeb stylist, Cindy Conroy

festival style, 2022, fishnet hosiery, Kixies

Pictured: Kix’ies Wide Fishnets

No matter what outfits you decide on, throw in a pair of Kix’ies thigh highs to add a dramatic, sexy touch!