How to Rock Tights Like A Pro

How to Rock Tights Like A Pro

Fashion styling tips and ideas on how to wear different types of tights year-round.

In case you haven't noticed, tights are everywhere this season. And we're not just talking about basic black - there are all sorts of fun and trendy tights to choose from. If you're like most women, you may be wondering how (or when) to wear them.

Tights can be a bit daunting because they can be all wrong or uncomfortable if you're a rookie at choosing the right pair. Well, no fear. We’re here to give you some tips on how to rock tights like a pro – with information gathered from wardrobe professionals.


  1. Black tights are the staple of any woman’s wardrobe, but don’t be afraid of color! Colored tights are an easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral dress or skirt ensemble. Play with head-to-toe monochromatic color or let it stand on its own with a grey suit.


womens black fishnet tights
  1. Textured tights with fishnet weave, metallic sheen, swiss dots or ribbing can be worn as “statement tights” with your outfit. Voila! A standard cool-weather wardrobe just got a lot cooler. One tip, however: When you’re picking the color or texture for your tights, it’s all about balance. Decide whether your tights will be a main focal point or a complementary accessory.


  1. Match your tights to your shoes if you aren’t sure which color to wear. Back shoes = black tights. If you are going for a more natural color, try skin-toned tights – but keep them as close to your natural tone as possible.


How to Fake Great Legs? “Opaque black tights, high heels, Clarins Leg Emulsion.” - Christina Erlich, Stylist to Penelope Cruz


rhinestone fishnet tights
  1. Opaque, or not opaque? As a rule of thumb for wearing tights, the shorter your hemline, the opaquer your tights should be. What exactly is ‘opaque’? The opposite of sheer. Opaque tights have a denier of 40 or more; an 80-100 denier will hide almost everything, including tattoos from a distance, while a denier of 30 or less is likely to be sheer. If your outfit consists of items with soft and lightweight fabrics like chiffon, silk, viscose, velvet, it’s better to mix them with thin tights of 10-30 denier.


  1. Sheer, “barely there” tights are definitely a thing! For a flawless leg appearance, sheer tights are the best way to go. Wearing open-toed strappy sandals? Not a problem. Look for sheer tights that are toeless or “sheer to toe”.


How to fake Great Legs? “Sheer tights and heels.” - Jill Ohanneson, Costume Designer for Revenge


  1. Wearing tights to an important event? Bring a backup pair or bring some tools just in case you get a snag. Stop a run in its tracks with clear liquid nail polish or hair spray. (Radio City Rockettes swear by this trick!)


  1. Choose the right size. Every brand has its own size chart and recommendations. If you aren’t sure, or are between sizes, read the reviews and compare user experiences against your own size, or just order a size up. With tights, ordering a size up is not always a deal breaker in terms of fit (and it may extend the life of your tights because less stress is put on the fibers)


  1. To increase the longevity of your tights, wash them with care. Standard hosiery care is usually delicate cycle or hand wash with cold water, no bleach. And never put them in the dryer.


So, there you have it! Our guide to styling tights for any occasion. We hope you found these tips helpful and inspiring. Be sure to check out our latest styles of Kix’ies thigh highs and stock up on some new styles for spring and summer. Mix up your look and try something new. Kix’ies new thigh high styles are perfect for adding a little extra va-va-voom to any outfit.