Game Day!

Game Day!

Game Day!

The noise from the crowd is deafening and exhilarating. But suddenly, an intense silence. Hearts stop and everyone forgets to breathe, but only for a second. And then, the resolution. The crowd erupts again and you're hugging and high-fiving strangers with a smile so large, you may have won the lottery. It’s Game Day, and your team just made the winning play.

If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of Game Day, you most likely have also experienced getting lost in a sea of sports fans drenched in team colors. Oversized jerseys, t-shirts, the occasional jacket, and of course, sports logo hats. Most of the apparel is designed for men, and usually not the cutest, but we make it work. 

If you’re a girly looking for fashion-forward, sport-forward apparel, we’re right there with you! Sure, you can find cute things to wear to a game, but it typically won’t be found in the sport’s section. And hunting down cute clothes that perfectly matches your team’s colors can be, surprisingly, a BIG challenge! A half-shade off, and you could be accidentally sporting the opposing team’s colors, or wearing an outfit with clashing colors… *facepalm*

We know getting dressed up for an event can be just as exciting (sometimes more so) than the event itself. It's time to bring that same energy into getting ready for Game Day!

Did you know that 57% of highschoolers participate in high school sports? And that 43% of them are female? Not to mention division 1 colleges pour twice as much funding into their male athletics than female athletics on average. It’s about time women are included more in the conversation of sports, and time for us to look as good as we feel cheering on our favorite teams.

While hard to find, there are a couple brands that focus on cute sports apparel designed for women, like Hype and Vice. Or you may have heard the name Kristin Juszczyk, wife of 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk. She is said to be “in a league of her own creating NFL merchandise women actually wear”, and she herself mentioned she “was sick of wearing the same ol’ t-shirt and jersey”. She has recently received licensing rights from the NFL after making herself apparel to wear to games, as well as other 49er’s wives, and even some custom orders for a handful of celebrities!

While cut off men’s t-shirts and oversized jerseys can certainly be cute, they still leave us without much on the lower half. Well, not to worry! No one loves Game Day more than a Kix’ies babe. Okay, maybe not NO one. But we’re here to help those of you who go all-in for your teams find some clothes that finally shows your game-winning support. 


We are SO excited to have launched a sport-focused division of Kix’ies thigh-highs and hope you can be a part of merging these two worlds with our #1 selling thigh-highs, as well as other fun and fashionable Game Day apparel!

Our Game Day Collection will be released VERY soon! With colors for all of your favorite teams, we are eager to provide the sports community and sports enthusiasts with high-quality, stylish, size-inclusive, and comfortable fan apparel. We strive to cater to fans of every shape and size, ensuring everyone can express their passion for sports.

We are ready for more inclusivity and can’t wait to get our game on with you!