Fall Outfit Ideas with Kix’ies Tights and Thigh Highs

Fall Outfit Ideas with Kix’ies Tights and Thigh Highs

Fall fashion is so much fun with all of the layering options! From oversized coats to cozy sweaters, wool skirts and sweater dresses, there is so much to love when it comes to dressing for Fall.

When it comes to Fall and Winter, having high-quality tights is essential. There are a few good reasons why women love to wear tights for Fall, and having a few great pairs that are high quality really makes all the difference when pulling an outfit together. In cooler temperatures, a good pair of tights will keep you warm while allowing you to wear your favorite skirts or dresses. A patterned or even colored tight or thigh-high is a really fun option for something that adds a little interest to your outfit.

Tights, over-the-knee-socks and thigh-highs are always in fashion when the temps start to drop and nights get a little cozier. To get your outfit ideas flowing for Fall, here are 5 options that will help you find creative new ways to style Kix’ies tights and thigh-highs for a perfect Fall look.

Black Fishnet Tights with a Dress

A favorite go-to Fall outfit is a great pair of black tights with a sweater dress. This look can be dressed up or down with heels, sneakers, or boots. A sheer black fishnet tight creates an eye-catching look that can really make an outfit pop. 

Argyle Thigh-Highs 

Spice up a simple sweater dress with a kicky pair of thigh-highs! Shown here are Kixies argyle style thigh highs with a knit dress and booties. 

Or crank it up a few notches with a black and grey argyle style and a leather skirt.

Plaid Thigh-Highs

No Fall outfit is complete without plaid! Wear it head to toe or add a cute pair of plaid thigh-highs to a simple dress and jacket to add a splash of Fall festivity. 

Spooky Season Tights

Nothing says Fall like pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween. Wear these spider tights for #spookyszn for an unforgettable Fall party outfit!

Over-the-Knee Socks

Over-the-knee socks with boots and a skirt are the perfect way to keep your legs warm during chilly nights. The Kix’ies knee-length socks are a perfect combo with any skirt or skort.

over the knee socks, thigh high socks

So many outfits can be effortlessly merged with tights and thigh-highs. Have fun, and play with looks! Whether you choose prints, colors, a simple black pair, or fishnets, tights and leg wear, set the stage for your outfit by adding a little something extra. 

After all, black tights are more than just a fashion statement, they're the unsung hero of your cold-weather wardrobe.