Cute Golf Looks for Women (On and Off the Course)

Cute Golf Looks for Women (On and Off the Course)

Kix’ies is at it again, redefining classic looks with a sexy twist. This time, we visit the golf course to see the many ways Kix’ies is incorporating its famous thigh high stockings with women’s golf styles.

cute golf looks for women

Golf fashion has always been a unique style, characterized by bold colors, argyle and plaid prints. In the 90s, women’s golf clothing was mostly muted neutral tones and khakis (yawn) until the 2000s when color came back onto the scene. 

Khakis lost their flame as golfers were ready to bring some color back into the game. Women began to push the boundaries of country club and resort golf standards choosing clothing that fit their desire to wear fabrics and cuts that could perform just as well as they did.

Womens golf stockings

Women golfers are a unique bunch. They have specific needs and challenges to deal with when it comes to their wardrobe. Golfing attire for women is not as easy as picking out the latest trends from your favorite clothing store, because there are plenty of other factors that come into play while playing the game, especially personal style.

Kixies thigh highs golf collection

It's important for female golfers to dress in clothes that allow them a comfortable, free range of movement but also styles that add playfulness while protecting them from the elements.

Kix’ies thigh highs allow women golfers the opportunity to protect their legs while adding a fun, sexy element to their golf wardrobe! 

Women’s golf fashion should not be overlooked because it can help you feel more confident and comfortable on the golf course.

Kixies thigh highs golf collection

If you've been playing golf for a few years now and have outgrown your old gear, check out the new golf collection by Kix’ies! Whether you're looking for something new to show off your style on the course or want a comfy pair of thigh highs that will stay put all day while you play, we have you covered! Our colorful collection is perfect for women golfers, and a must-have item that will help you look good while you hit the links!