Best Kix'ies Styles of 2020

Best Kix'ies Styles of 2020

As we get ready to close the chapter on 2020 and look forward to the new year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the past year at Kix’ies, thank our loyal fans and customers and highlight 2020’s most popular Kix’ies styles!

2020 has been challenging for us all, but there have been so many great accomplishments as well. In October, Kix’ies rolled out with a whole new website. We’ve added some awesome new styles, beauty products and incentives for our loyal customers such as our Affiliate Program and our Loyalty Points.

Kix’ies is growing in leaps and bounds and we couldn’t be happier to share our little victories with you! Thank you for being along for the journey.

And now for the best part, what Kix'ies thigh high styles were most loved in 2020?
Here’s the list:


Top 6 Kix’ies Styles of 2020


  1. Danielle: Back in Black - A true classic, goes-with-everything thigh high, Danielle stole the spotlight this year!

 Danielle Kixies Thigh High

  1. Sam: Fishnet – Our Sam Fishnet takes the #2 spot as a tried, true and fun style that kicks it up a notch for every outfit

 Sam fishnet thigh high

  1. Lois: Back Seam - For vintage fashionistas, there was nothing more fitting than the Lois back seam style in black

 back seam thigh highs

  1. Taylor: Black Essential – Sleek, classic and stylish, the Taylor was our everyday, wear to work essential

 Taylor kixies thigh high

  1. Dana Lynn: Ribbed – Dana Lynn took a spin on a classic style and added a little texture!


  1. Kimmie Argyle Print – Everyone was loving this fall argyle print with skirts!

What was your favorite style? Leave us a comment below!