Bachelorette Party Outfits: What to Wear?

Bachelorette Party Outfits: What to Wear?

Clothes, themes and accessories are a big part of bachelorette parties. From coordinating colors to matching swimsuits and tees, bachelorette party outfits have become quite a ritual in wedding planning.

If you are the bride-to-be, keep in mind that everyone in the bridal party is a unique individual with her own personal style. Matching dresses, swimwear, t-shirts or accessories are a tradition and can look great in photos, but that doesn't mean everyone has to wear the same outfit when going out to celebrate. Stay true to the event, theme or location of your bachelorette party, too.

The most memorable bachelorette parties concentrate on what the bride loves most. After all, this last hurrah is to celebrate her last days as a single woman.

Planning to party the night away at a swanky NYC nightclub? Wine tasting in Santa Barbara? Camping trip or wild Las Vegas weekend? What you and the girls will be wearing will need to be on par for the night. While you’re planning the shenanigans, here are some great outfit ideas to consider for the bachelorette party (that aren’t matching tees).


Choose a Theme

If matching outfits isn't your thing, there are other ways to coordinate a look and stand out without cheesy tees you’ll never wear again, or going too matchy-matchy.

For example, you can go with a retro theme and allow all of your girls to pick their own 1950s or 20’s style dress or skirts! Pair the vintage outfits with vintage style thigh highs

Opt for one matching item between the girls, whether it’s a matching sash, a hat, or some playful thigh highs in the same color or texture.


Let each bridesmaid style the rest of her outfit to fit her own personality or go for the classic LBD (little black dress).


Tip: If you are in the bridal party, keep in mind it’s traditional for the bride to wear white at the bachelorette party, so make sure you aren’t wearing white, too! (unless she specifically requests it)


Bridesmaid Hosiery Ideas

For the bachelorette party or even the day of the wedding, fun stockings can not only add a little fun, but also some warmth for bare legs if it’s a spring or fall season. Here is some inspiration to get your creative ideas flowing!



If sweet and innocent aren’t what you have in mind for your last wild party with the girls, then skipping the traditional bride-to-be tees won’t be too difficult. Pick a theme color, like red and black, or black and white. No matter what, have fun! This is a memorable time for everyone. The most important part of the event is celebrating together, having fun and being comfortable.