Accessorizing this Fall & Winter

Accessorizing this Fall & Winter

When the sweatshirt you keep in your car “just-in-case” starts to come in handy, the scent of pumpkin spice feels inescapable, and your local grocery store is beelining for the holidays, you know you’re rapidly approaching the end of the year! And with the season changes come the wardrobe changes.

For many, their Fall and Winter outfits can leave them feeling bulky or unflattered. Dressing cozy while still looking and feeling fabulous is not always easy, and retiring your carefree Summer wardrobe ‘til next year can be even harder. We’re here with some tips and tricks to make it that much easier to embrace your Fall and Winter style by learning to emphasize your favorite features, accentuate your curvy figure or pull eyes to your delicate neckline. The key is in the accessorizing. 

Here is our guide to being your best-dressed self in these cooler seasons.

Pick basics to build off

Because warmer clothes cover more of your body, it can be trickier to design an outfit layering multiple bold pieces without clashing. That’s why if you want to make an outfit pop, it is totally okay (and usually better!) to start with one staple piece, and build your outfit around that. It could be a printed top, a plain black dress that goes to the ankle, a blazer, etc. Whatever you are excited to wear that day! Once this is established, feel free to play with patterns and colors in your accessorizing.


Accessorize where you want attention drawn

We like to start in one of three places, depending on the basics we are building off. Neck and up, waist, or legs

Love seeing your neckline in an outfit? Adding a small, understated necklace could be just the thing to attract the eye without distracting from your natural beauty. Maybe try sweeping your hair up to open that space even more. If your neckline is too busy for a necklace, sweeping your hair back can also open up the space for a pair of bold earrings! 

Love your natural curves in an outfit, or possibly feel like your waist has gotten lost in the fabric? A belt can be the key to both! A lot of Winter dresses can either feel too thick or too baggy. Lucky for us, with the return of 90’s fashion, it’s easy to find jewelry that can be worn around your waist if a belt is too bulky, or not the right color. A dainty gold, chunky silver, or even black crystal body chain can be a gorgeous and fashion-forward way to hug your waist as much as you want. If you haven’t tried body jewelry yet, you may be shocked how much it comes in handy!

And, of course, legs! Here at Kix’ies, it is no secret that we LOVE to accessorize our legs. Thigh-highs, over-the-knee socks, or full-waisted tights are our go-to’s for adding a little more style or sass to an outfit, and keeping our legs warm! These are also a great answer to still wearing clothes you may have otherwise retired until next Summer, like skirts or shorter dresses.  


Layer clothes

Now you know that we love a belt or body chain, but we can’t forget to mention the power of a corset! Corsets can make all the difference over a loose dress, top, or even pants that don’t quite hug right. Some are narrow enough to cinch just around your waist. Others may be long enough to lace up under the top of your pants.

A long-sleeve, flowy dress? Try a fitted vest or modern corset over top. A short-sleeve dress too hard to match a jacket with? A fitted, long-sleeve shirt underneath may be your solution. Want to step your layering up even further? Try adding a silk scarf to pull your hair back for a feminine flair, or loosely tie around your neck for a more androgynous look. Scarves can be great for filling in negative space. 


Create a balanced look for any occasion

Figuring out what occasion you are dressing for will determine how you should stylize an outfit. More accessories tend to be better for more editorial looks. Less accessories may be perfect for an elevated, professional style, such as delicate bracelets or stacked rings with a pantsuit or blazer. However, both of these rules can be broken if you want to make a statement once you figure out your style basics! Don’t forget to dress like YOU.

Styling an outfit with heavy neutral tones and feeling a little too monochromatic? Try adding an accent of green or blue! Or perhaps you went a little too far in the bold direction of a primary color. Try to add in neutral accessories instead to balance out and create a more sophisticated look.

Lastly, create balance in your style with accessories. Be careful not to overly-adorn or accent a feature or it may leave the rest of your appearance looking bare. For instance, if you have your hair done with a bold necklace and earrings and an otherwise simple look, you may want to add a statement boot, rings or bracelets to create more cohesiveness from head-to-toe. Or, try replacing the necklace or earrings with a daintier piece. It is important to figure out when less is more, and more is more.

There are so many different ways to style a look, so don’t forget to go with what feels best for you. Start simple and pick one thing at a time to add to upscale your look. And most importantly, have fun with it!